Sunday, June 26, 2016

PINK SHEEP GOES TO PROM?! | Minecraft, Time For A Time Out! June 27, 2016, MC News.

Yo guys, I bet you thought I don't know how to love. You're wrong. Today we play Minecraft and even go to prom at one point because your boy is as romantic as a romantic person. I better get prom king. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like to support my mustache's journey to become a more well trimmed mustache! 

The evolution of Pink Sheep: 2013 (First appearance): No mustache, he wasn't really anything. Spoke very differently 2014: No mustache still. Started to be more of a thing in TNT's videos. Started appearing in "The weird comments series". At the end of the year he gains the voice he has right now 2015: He becomes a prankster gangster and gets his mustache. His popularity has increased a lot 2016: The most important character in TNT's videos. He now has a YT channel, a wife (Ender Dragon) and a son (Purple Shep). His fuel now is Doritos and Mountain dew. What I'm trying to say is I'm so old that I remember Pink Sheep when he wasn't a prankster Gangster had no Mustache and sounded like Robo cop SERIOUSLY (O)__(O) his first Video on Herobrine Vs Pink Sheep he sounds so different! on ExplodingTNT's Channel.

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