Saturday, June 18, 2016

Minecraft: Awesome Optical Illusions Ride That Will Blow Your Mind! June 2016, Video, MC News And Updates.

For everyone who wonders where the optical illusions are: Mainly, you should get a feeling of falling in most of the rooms. Some just looked weird because of the forms in the room. Just remember this, maybe watch the video again. I myself felt dizzy most of the time, because it felt like falling down.

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  1. Optical illusions are something that have always amazed me, and one night while lying in bed I wondered if it would be possible to make an optical illusion within minecraft. After a few hours of messing around with trial and error methods I could not come up with anything that would work. I know it is possible I just can't do it myself. So I want to see what other people can come up with. So if you can make an optical illusion in minecraft, with whatever materials you have at your disposal feel free to show them off here.