Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hermitcraft IV 045 | POLAR BEAR TRANSPORT | A Minecraft Let's Play, June 2016, MC News.

Today i'm playing on the Hermitcraft Season 4 Minecraft Server. This Episode we get to moving the polar bears from last episode to their new habitat - and building that in the process! It turned out super awesome! Enjoy!

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  1. The polar bear is supposed to be a rare new animal only found in snow biomes. These bears would ruin it, since they would have different models and behavior it wouldn't feel like biome dependent skins and like a completely new mob for each bear.

    Also if anything I'd prefer wolves get skin variations, and this would be a waste of coding for so many different mobs. For instance, a zombie villager is just a zombie with a villager like appearance, barely any extra coding done, only edits to make curable. But these bears are all so different from each other, it's just a waste. And so far polar bears are already more complex than other animals, since their baby counts as a different mob now, since it's passive and causes polar bears near it to attack the player.

    I noticed that this is a very similar concept to your enderman thread. Skin changes depending on biome, which is probably why I don't support this the instant I saw what this was about.