Saturday, June 18, 2016

Aphmau Does A Case of the Punchies | Minecraft FanFic Readings, June 2016, Video, MC News.

Once Aph Hopps a little Bunny and then got scratched by Zane-ion Grey walks away happily little did he know she was still determind and filled with DETERMINATION! years later.... she dreamed of being a Cop and she was the Valedectorian of her class and becomes a Meter-maid she did NOT expect that though she had 48 hours to find Garroth Otterton or all other 14 missing Minecraftian and meets Aaron Wilde who was a fox then they had 10HRs left finding all 15 Minecraftians and returns to Soo-topia then Aph Hopps saying stuffs blah bleh bleh then Aaron wilde says: A biological salad???? I thought I could be ur FREIND.

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