Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All New Tokyo Soul - SAVING OUR FRIEND! SEASON FINALE - Part 1 (Minecraft Role-play), MC News.

Season Finale oh no not again! Also what is the music you use in Yandere Highschool and Tokyo Soul they are stuck in my mind! I think the reason Chupa killed Tori was because "Chupa" is part of the cryptid's name "Chupacabra". People call Tori a goat and Chupacabras kill goats and suck the blood out them. So, that's my reason that Chupa killed Tori. It's a book with its own power, mind, and will. It's a separate entity that can't be controlled by a mere mortal. A grimoire such as the necronomicon is likely capable of destroying entire galaxies on its own. If you were that powerful, would you let some weakling human control you? If anyone could have complete control over the grimoire, it would be Cthulu. Cthulu is a cosmic entity, sometimes known as a Great Old One. Not exactly a god, but probably similar. If there was any sort of God in this series, maybe they could control it. Try reading The Call Of Cthulu by H.P. Lovecraft. That's the story from which Cthulu originated. This is also the author who came up with the necronomicon. So, basically, Necra could not be controlling the necronomicon. It's far too dangerous for a mere mortal to command.

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