Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stargate Atlantis Is An Amazing World Map To Download, May 2016, MC News.

This is an excellent copy of Stargate Atlantis, the TV show. I have used this map myself and it does need things like room decorations, furniture, and if I were you, I would get a copy mod so that I could copy and paste some space ships of your choice into this map. Its big, and its amazing, but it does need some personal touches to make it just right. Still an all around cool world map. SCW

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  1. This looks like it has tons of potential. I've always wanted an underwater city kinda like Atlantis or Rapture. I've got an idea. Maybe, if this mod does well, which I hope it does, you can make a Bioshock mod and make a Rapture city in it with Big Daddy's and everything. It's just a thought.

    It looks like this could turn out to be a good mod, but when I try to see the screenshots, it doesnt allow me.
    Try uploading the images to imgur, and putting an image directly in the forums

    i think that it would do better with mainly two things: more ideas, and also more people (that know about it). So if you like the idea of this mod, the do exactly that! Give us ideas, and spread the word!