Monday, May 16, 2016

Sky Does Minecraft, WE GET ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DONE | Minecraft Crazy Craft Episode 1, Video, MC News.

Date of video:  May 16, 2016
Makers of video: Sky Does Minecraft

Sky Does Minecraft of Youtube States:
Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! Today SkyDoesMinecraft is playing Minecraft Crazy Craft with YouTube sensation RedVacktor! For those unaware, Crazy Craft means Sky and Red are starting a new Minecraft survival series. There’s a sword-happy Enderman chilling nearby as Sky does the intro, and Sky makes an unreasonable jump in order to kidnap an ostrich. Sky and Red decide to live inside Diamond Minecart – until they see the giant statue of Sky, who then decides to live inside his own head, knowing it will be accommodatingly empty. Sky decides to jump to his death after Red accidentally punches him, but Red uses his Thunderstaff to convince him otherwise (and almost kill both of them). They decide to head out to the other YouTubers to loot everything, but along the way Sky stops to butcher some cows for sustenance. They disguise as cows to go into the Diamond Minecart statue and find…nothing. Not a single diamond in a single minecart. Red blows Sky up and Sky loses all of his items, then, while armed with only a rock, Sky faces Mothra. Sky gets away, but Red pays the price for Mothra’s wrath with his life. Sky, meanwhile, moves on to anger PacMan. And dies. Red continues to be hunted by Mothra through several lifetimes, and he dies repeatedly alongside Sky. They finally head into the woods to actually play Minecraft, but Sky decides to head into the ant dimension instead. It’s unbelievably laggy and Sky welcomes everyone to the new Minecraft slideshow, until eventually Sky cuts the video to figure out the lag spike before continuing. He does so, then continues before Red has returned to the server. He makes it about three seconds before wailing about missing YouTube sensation RedVacktor, but presses on and climbs a giant tree. Which helps him not at all. Red joins and Sky continues to climb his never-ending tree – eventually he gives up and Red advises him to jump into the water. Which doesn’t exist. Because Red is looking at the wrong tree. Like a nerd. Sky gets down eventually, somehow not dying along the way, and promptly climbs another tree. At least this time he finds a cow for his trouble. Sky, wingman extraordinaire, finds Red a girlfriend named Frank, and then laments the shocking lack of hidden chests. That’s about it for this Minecraft Crazy Craft – thanks for watching, and comment below what you’d like to see Sky and Red do next!

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