Wednesday, May 18, 2016

PrestonPlayz Does The Ultimate Kill Record In Team Skywars Episode 29, May 17, 2016, Video, MC News.

Date of video: May 17, 2016
Maker of video: PrestonPlayz of Youtube

If you like build or playing in sky block cities, then this ultimate battle is for you. Here PrestonPlayz makes a new record in kills made and it melts his brain. If jumping from place to place in the sky is your thing, then this is your utopia. PrestonPlayz is one of the top 20 Youtube Minecraft video makers out there, so if you don't know him, you should. He got 150,000 views on this video in just over an hour of its release. Thats just awesome guys. 

If you have ever played Minecraft, then you will know that some of the hardest maps to maneuver around are the sky block maps. That means you will be jumping from a small group of blocks in the sky to another small group of blocks. Who is PrestonPlayz? He's a world famous Minecraft video maker on Youtube that rakes up hundreds of thousands of views in just a few hours for every video and has almost three million Youtube subscribes. Thats a lot of subscribers guys. This is a special video thats really quite remarkable. Its the world famous PrestonPlayz on a sky block map, but on this day, he racks up so many kills that he makes an all time personal new record. The other players on all real people who have entered into the game and try as they might to survive and to attack one another. The kill as many of your opponents that you can. PrestonPlayz is an expert at sky blocks and his chose weapon is an enchanted sword as he leaps from block to block. Now, I play Minecraft with my son, and boy is he good, but I am nowhere close to being as good as this guy PrestonPlayz. On the ground, dressed in a Batman skin, I am a force to be reckoned with. However, in a sky block map, I am as defenseless an a new born puppy. 95% of the time I die from falling, which makes my son break out in historical laughter. What I'm saying is before you try a real sky block map in Minecraft, watch the video below as the guy destroys player after player among the clouds. Its a just awesome...unless you are one of the other guys losing. 
Scott C. Waring

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