Sunday, May 15, 2016

Amazing Military Base Map (Download) This Minecraft Base, May 2016, MC News.

Like military bases? Then you will love this world map. Its an island that really has it all. Its got destroyer ships, jets, planes, tanks, jeeps guard towers, underground bunkers, hangers and much more. This is just nuts. 

Oh, and some people who downloaded the map couldn't find the base. So go to the coordinates here. The base is easy to find. They are x: 4467 y:88 z: 2008 do /tp 4467 88 2008 and you will be at the base. Good luck. You know your mission! SCW

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  1. I like this map. Its very secluded and really, I wanted a place that was hard to attack and that I could defend. Cool map bro.

  2. Hey I got the base. Really cool one. Does need missile silos, but cool.