Friday, March 31, 2017

Minecraft, How To Make A Stargate Atlantis Portal That Will Blow Your Mind, By MCEQ. MC Equation News.

If you like Stargate shows than you will love this video about making mini stargate portals. Its easy to follow and takes just a few minutes. Once you have mastered it, it is easy to grow and make this portal into a side of a mountain or four walls of a building.

Minecraft, How To Make An Ender Dragon Statue For Your Village, By MCEQ. MC Equation News.

Ever want and Ender dragon on your rooftop or in your home? Well this is your lucky day. This dragon is fantastic and realistic and will amaze your friends when they see it. Watch this video to learn step by step how to make it. 

Minecraft, How To Make An Automatic Fridge Hi Tech, MC Equation News. Crafting

The fridge is a must have for any home. With a click of a button food shoots out for your needs. You can load it with any of your favourite foods and your guests will be amazed the convince of getting food in your home. 

How To Make An Beautiful Organ In Minecraft! No Mods, Just Pure Gaming, MC News.

This is a great tutorial on how to make a magnificent organ for your churches, temples, and castles. The video really makes it easy for us to follow and recreate this musical instrument. Its a must have for the hard core Minecrafters. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Learn How To Make A Wither Skeleton Boss In Minecraft, As Villagers Seek Refuge! MC Equation News.

Here we have some fun making wither bosses over a beautiful village and witness a lot of villagers panicking. If you want to learn to make a wither and you need some help, then this video teachers you how to make four of them. Lots of details and fun a long the way. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lets Learn How To Make A Wooden Sword In Minecraft, MC Equation News.

Here is another starting tool for those working survival games and fast PVP games. Its a wooden sword and its very helpful when you know you will be fighting. If there are zombies around then you want this! Watch this video for a great explanation of how to make it.